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Free Conquest & Colonization of America

What is it?

fcca is (or: will be) a remake of a old fantastic game from Microprose called Colonization. Those who ever played Civilization will find out that the game style is very smilar.

But while in Civilization the game time goes from pre-history to future, in fcca all action happens during the exploration age, from 1492 to 1800. The goal of the game is to build a colony in America and make this colony grow big enough to be able to achieve independence from the motherland.

A player can choose among the English, French, Dutch and Spanish nations, each one having its own qualities and problems. During the colonization, the player will face many challenges, such as negociate (and make war, if necessary) with other european colonies and native tribes. Winning the hearts of the colonists (by making they feel that the colony is their home) is the key to get enough support to fight for independance. And allowing religious freedom in your colony will attract more colonists, persecuted for their faith in Europe.


A few changes have been introduced from the original Colonizations. The goal of these changes is to remove a little of the frustration with the problems of the original game, and provide a more balanced game.

These changes have been made so far:

  1. The terrains swamp and wetland forest were removed from the game.
  2. The player can now use the non-keypad arrows to move the units (this was a problem on laptops).
  3. There's no limit in the number of units that can be created.


Being a pre-alpha version, fcca is only partially developed and has many limitaions. Currently, you can:

  • Wander through the map of America, embark and disembark and do the basic operations units do;
  • Go to Europe, buy and sell stuff and recruit colonists.

The following features are not yet developed:

  • Building colonies;
  • Indians;
  • Other nations (AI);
  • Declaring independence.
Last Modified Feb-01-2008